Uncontainable Voices

Senior Thesis in Graphic Design

Uncontainable Voices is a pop-up exhibit and campaign for student activism focused on free speech on college campuses through the historical lens of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia in 1989. The exhibit works within the restrictions of a pop-up, intended to travel to college campuses, and is paired with a student-targeted campaign that includes a poster series, iPad app, website, t-shirt, and stickers. The focus on freedom of speech and individual people’s stories influenced the expressive typography and large-scale imagery of people.

The first section, giving the historical background of the Prague Spring and Communist oppression, is closed in with plexiglass walls. Visitors can see outside, but do not have the freedom to leave. The spaces between panels are tight, only about 6' - 8', to show visitors the kind of oppression people lived with. Markers on the floor throughout the exhibit, Photo Tex stickers, act as a wayfinding system so visitors know the most important panels to visit. As protestors gained rights and open doors, the spaces between the panels open up so visitors can feel more at ease. Pieces such as eye-level panels focused on people, a bust of Vaclav Havel, and the Ten Commandments of the Revolution come off the walls for more interaction. The last section of the exhibit encourages students to take action with a representative at the booth and chalk talk-back wall that asks and inspires visitors: What are you fighting for?